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Finding the true by eliminating the false​​

When you do “getting rid of the false self,”

the true self and the true world can be seen.

In the Bible, it says that God is within you and

the Kingdom of God is within you.
In the Buddhist Sutras, it says that Buddha is within you and

the Land of Buddha is within you.
Man is incomplete because he lives inside the human mind, which is false.
This is why man is incomplete.

Human beings created their own mind world which is false and this false world is exactly overlapped on to the true world so people do not know where they are living. 

Human mind is living inside the human mind world

which consists of karma, habits, and body. 

That is why God, the Kingdom of God, Buddha, the Land of Buddha, Allah and the Kingdom of Allah cannot be seen or known.

One must have heaven and paradise in order to live. You will know all the principles of the world, and you can achieve human completion.

Last year, 5000 people became complete. 

Is there anyone who wouldn’t do this study?

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