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The Most Joyful News in the World

The method to go to the land of Truth and live there while living.
If the land of Truth does not exist within you while you are alive,

it does not exist whenyou die.
For a person to live forever, one must get rid of the incomplete person

living inside the human mind along with the human mind world

and be born again in the Universe mind while living. Then one can live forever.


<In the Universe, let’s find the eternally living land of Truth>
From forever ago until 13.8 billion years ago, only the Universe emptiness existed. From
13.8 billion years ago the stars, sun, Earth, and moon began to exist in this Universe.
Before humans were born in this world, the stars, sun, Earth, and moon had not come
into existence when seen from the Universe. That is why Sakyamuni Buddha said
material things had not been born, ‘No Birth’, and called what eternally does not
disappear, the Universe emptiness, ‘No Death.’

No Birth                            No Death

People are incomplete because they think the human mind exists.

They copy the world, make it their own mind worlds and think

that those worlds exist. They live being deceived by their own mind of lies.

This is why they are incomplete.

What eternally does not die in this Universe is the infinite emptiness.

If you are born again from this emptiness, this place is the land of Truth.

This universe emptiness existed from forever ago.

It is the human mind which thinks people,

as well as the stars, sun, and moon exist inthis universe.
The human mind is a mind that makes copies of what belongs to the world.


That is not real but a world of falseness, which is a picture.

All things that exist in this world were given birth by material things.

Therefore, when an entity dies, as it has no life, it returns to dirt.
And when even that dirt does not exist, it returns to the emptine
That is why humans and all things in the Universe

are a kind of lifeless robot made by material things.

If you get rid of the world and the person, which are robots made by

the human mind, go to the Universe emptiness, which is Truth and the source,

and are born again, there is no death.            


If you are born again as the Body and Mind of the Universe,

which is Truth, the world and yourself eternally have no death.
Do not live inside the human mind and die.

Be born again in the Universe, which isTruth, and let’s live forever.

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