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The Way to Go to the Eternal World
Where You Never Die While You Are Alive

Humans are incomplete because they live inside their self-made mind world that overlaps the world.

That is karma, habits, and body.
If you throw away the self and the incomplete world, which is karma, habits, and body,

go to the existent world of Truth, and are reborn, that land is the existent world of Truth.
It is the land where you can live eternally without death.

You must go to this land and while you are alive and live forever.

If there is something you do not know, you can learn it by going to a place that knows it.

Just like that, to learn how to live forever, you can come here and learn.

Now you can go to the Land of Truth while you are alive and live an eternal, happy life.

Is there anyone who wouldn't do this?

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The world where humans live

  • Full of pain, burden, stress, and doubts.

  • People cannot become Truth, which is the real existence, and they do not know anything.

  • When people die, they just die and disappear.

The world where humans live

  • There are no pain, burden, stress, or doubts.

  • You can know everything.

  • You can live forever.

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